Smoking Cessation

Ask your pharamcist for help to kick the habit

  • Our pharmacists can now provide FUNDED nicotine replacement therapy.
  • We can help you decide on what quitting options are best for you. We can do this without a prescription from the prescriber and using NRT can double the chances of staying smoke free in the long term.

Giving up smoking may not be easy but the health benefits are impressive and take effect within just hours or days of quitting. You will also improve the health of people around you by reducing their exposure to second-hand smoke.

In New Zealand, almost 5000 people die each year from a smoking-related illness, such as heart disease, lung cancer, or stroke. People who smoke don't live as long either – on average people who smoke die 15 years earlier than people who don't smoke. Children who are exposed to second-hand cigarette smoke are more likely to get pneumonia, croup, or asthma. The New Zealand government is committed to the goal of New Zealand becoming auahi kore (smoke-free) by 2025.

There is never a bad time to give up smoking. Within one year of giving up, your chance of having a heart attack or stroke has markedly decreased, and becomes the same as a non-smoker within three to five years. The risk of getting lung cancer can also be reversed, but this may take 10-15 years. No matter how old somebody is, it is beneficial to stop smoking. If you are pregnant, it is vital for your baby’s health that you stop smoking.

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