Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Ask your pharamcist for help

Bacteria or Viruses are a common cause, allergy is another common complaint for problems with the eyes.

Speak to your pharmacist about your conjunctivitis. If the cause is deemed to be a bacterial problem then  your pharmacist can supply you with Chloramphenicol Eye drops or ointment. It can help you recover more quickly from a bacterial infection. Chloramphenicol treatment will not be supplied by your pharmacist for children under the age of 2 years, your pharmacist will refer you to your Doctor for children under 2 years old. Chloramphenicol should also be avoided in the last  week of pregnancy and if you are breast feeding. 

There are potential adverse effects from Chloramphenicol. Always follow the directions your pharmacist, doctor, nurse or optometrist give you. If symptoms persist you should seek further medical advice.

If the problem is allergy related there a many different options your pharmacist can provide you. If the problem is deemed to be viral in nature then the pharmacist may be able to advise you in how to alleviate your symptoms or refer you to your doctor. 

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