Flu Shots

Ask your pharamcist for help

Influenza is caused by viruses that infect the respiratory tract. The Flu is not a cold, it is a serious illness and can kill.

Most people will benefit from the protection of an annual vaccination. Your pharmacist is now able to provide you with the this vaccination, please ask your pharmacist if they provide this service. The main Flu activity is May to September and the vaccination should be available from late March.

Some people should not have influenza vaccinations, those who have previously had severe allergic reactions to the vaccine or have a severe allergy to eggs should consult their Doctor.

Your Flu vaccination is provided free of charge to those over the age of 65 years or women who are pregnant. There will be a cost for those outside this eligibility criteria. As well as trained pharmacist vaccinators providing this service you can also receive your vaccination from your Doctor or Nurse at your regular medical centre. 

Most people have no reaction to the vaccine but sometimes you may experience some redness at the site of injection or some soreness for a day or two. In some instances you may feel unwell for several days, these are all normal responses to the immunisation.

Please see www.fightflu.co.nz for more information

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