Medicine Management

Ask your pharamcist for help

If you are having trouble remembering to take your medications or mixing up when or where to take them, talk to your pharmacist about the different options they have for you to make your medication regime simple and clinically effective for you.

Your pharmacist is an expert in medications, they have expert knowledge on the how your medications work, when is the best time to take them, and how some medicines can interact with each other to reduce effectiveness or even make them harmful to you.

Your pharmacist will work with you and other members of your healthcare team such as your GP or practice nurse to make sure your medication regime is appropriate and delivering the benefits intended by your prescriber. Often multiple medications can be confusing and many tablets look the same or have similar names. Your pharmacist will make sure you understand what each medication is for and help you remember to take them correctly.

Pharmacists have many options for arranging your medications in easy to use packaging to make your medications that much easier to take. Talk to them about Medico Packs or some pharmacies even provide Medication Rolls which have been packaged by specialty Robotic packaging systems to assist your day to day regime.

There are costs involved with Medication Management, your pharmacist can discuss these with you. You may even qualify for extra funding from the District Health Board if you have complicated medication regimes for Long Term Conditions. There are strict criteria for this funding, please discuss with your Pharmacist.

Please talk to your pharmacist anytime regarding your medications, your Pharmacist is easily available and the Health Professional you see most often.

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