Warfarin Management and Monitoring

Ask your pharamcist for help 

Many patients take Warfarin , commonly known as a ‘blood thinner’ to help prevent blood clots forming in your circulatory system.

It is critically important to keep you warfarin dose at the optimum level to make sure you achieve the therapeutic benefit of warfarin but minimise the risk of significant bleeding or other side effects.

Some pharmacies now offer the Community Pharmacy Anticoagulant Management Service, or CPAMS for short, as an option to manage your warfarin dosages.

The major benefit of CPAMS is only a small finger prick of blood is needed for the test and the result it immediate. Your accredited CPAMS pharmacist will advise you of any dosage changes if any are needed to be made. An online system liases with your pharmacist, GP and nurse as well as yourself to provide up to the minute results and reminders for your Warfarin test. CPAMS is offered at no cost to the patient.

If you think CPAMS could be of benefit to you please ask your pharmacist if it is a service they offer and consult your GP for a referral to the service. 

Please visit www.anticoagulation.co.nz for more information.

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